HIS RIB – a new book I’m in!!


HIS RIB Showcases Unprecedented Literary Diversity,
Gains Immediate Popularity Among Feminist Literary Circles

NEW YORK, June 26, 2007 — Penmanship Publishing Group, an independent New York-based and women-owned publishing house, today announced the release of an all-female authored anthology entitled HIS RIB: Stories, Poems & Essays by HER.

The collection, the title of which is a reference to the biblical story of Eve’s creation through Adam’s rib, boasts an impressive array of literary works by and about women from a wide range of racial, ethnic and socio-political backgrounds. Edited by writer and performance poet, Mahogany L. Browne, HIS RIB offers insights to the global feminine experience. From the fallible woman and sensitive girl-child to the fearless politically oppressed warrior, these insights are in turn piercingly honest, brutally painful, and quietly uplifting.

Said Browne of the project, “We combed several continents to find the right mix of authors to include, and it was well worth the effort. HIS RIB features women from both the literary field and the performance poetry circuit, creating a symbiotic kinship between the two art forms that is to my knowledge unprecedented.”

The genres featured in the anthology range from folk tales to poems, all written by women from as far afield as Nigeria to London and New York to Colorado. The result is a multi-cultural and cross-generational quilt of prose and essays woven with skill and told with compassion, self-respect, discipline and hunger.

“Our hope is for HIS RIB to become a reading staple for all writers, awakening the young, reclaiming the old and and empowering all women,” enthused Browne.

Promotional plans for the much anticipated and well-received anthology include international book tours beginning in the United States and in the United Kingdom, with talks of a second volume already on the horizon.

About Penmanship Publishing Group
Penmanship Publishing Group is an independent publishing company created as the answer to the publishing challenges faced by performance poets, writers and essayists. The Group’s mission is to provide publication opportunities for the many successful spoken-word poets, live-performance artists and literary men and women of the future, many of whom already enjoy huge fan bases in the constantly evolving world of performance literature. For more information visit www.penmanshipbooks.com.