My ponderings from Boston

This is day three of Tuttle2Texas and I’ve already have heard enough stories to last a lifetime. I think I could have stayed in Boston for weeks and still not have enough. One of the things I’m very glad of (though takes more time to organize) is staying with people in all of the cities we are visiting. In Boston, we stayed with John and Jay. John works in tech at Tech Superpowers and Jay is a lawyer who works with bio-tech patents. They have a beautiful daughter Maggie who is only 2 and is smarter then some adults I know (no offense to anyone out there). They also have 8 cats which worried me immensely due to my allergies but since my allergist is very sweet, I got a bunch of steroids that kept me from reacting. Yes. I’m doing Tuttle2Texas on steroids.

Last night John was making syrup out of the Sugar Maple sap he collected from the tree in the back of their new house. As we talked, he not only showed me how to make my own syrup but he gave me some insight into his values. Though he is immersed in tech and the tech world, he consciously puts aside time for the lost arts. The recipes of our grandparents, a more hands on way of doing things. A time where you can slow down and just enjoy the world. I feel the same way – though I don’t really show that. Since getting my iPhone, it is always to hand. The moment I wake up, I’m on it and communicating to the world. Is this a good thing or am I losing a bit of my past and my culture by becoming so entrenched in social media?

Not only did we get to try to the homemade maple syrup (which tasted fresh out of a tree but in a good way), but John toasted up some homemade walnut bread for Michelle and I to munch on while we talked later than we thought we’d be able to stay up to. This all day filming is tiring. So much so, we left no energy to actually interview John and Jay which I regret – though the conversations we had were equally invaluable.

When we said goodbye to John last night, he gave us each a bear hug. The kind you give to an old friend. This morning we left behind new friends with a promise that we’d come back and when we did, we can stay with them whenever we want. No matter how nice hotels are, I’ve never got that from them.