Session three with Bernardine / by Heather Taylor

My third session with Bernardine was the first session we looked at actual poems. My first task was to write poems as one of my characters and I chose to follow John”s story. At first I only knew that I would write about the dates he went on but then it became more so I have him ones about him at work, dates, and meeting my main character Kathy.

The feedback was good – they needed work as first drafts usually to need to have. The one thing I could do was write more description which I realized I cut back on because I was trying to write in a more condensed way. Of course description can live in one sentence and be specific so I need to go through the poems and put more in.

Bernardine suggested that I add more to his character and the description of the world around him (through his eyes) by watching the type of men I thought would most resemble him. I think I can be up to that task[😉]  I am also going into Selfridge's to find his cologne – what does it smell like, why did he pick it, etc. and also to go through the suit section – feel the make, the cut, how did his suit, clothes, bag, shoes, hair cut, style show more about him. I never thought of actually feeling/ experience those parts of a character.

SO this weekend it”s a trip to the shop and some coffee drinking/ people watching. Well cute boy watching actually. Hee hee.