Video lighting tips / by Heather Taylor

Now let’s go a bit technical (but not too technical) and delve into the world of lighting. Saying that, let’s assume that you don’t have any additional lights and you’re only working with natural light.

1) Shooting indoors: One key thing to remember is not to sit your interviewee in front of a bright window as they will be in silohette and you won’t be able to see their face. It’s better for you to be by the window and have them face the window. You can then use the light coming in to light them.

Also make sure they are not sat too close to a wall. One metre away is best as then they won’t cast too much shadow behind them.

2) Shooting outside: If you are shooting for the whole day, the position of the sun will change so will your lighting. It’s something to be aware of and make sure you plan for it.

Also remember that the sun can overexpose your shot. Your subject may be too bright and their features will be washed out. It may be better to film them somewhere shadier.

And just as shooting indoors, make sure you don’t shoot towards the sun. Have the sun at your back so that your subject is lit and not a massive shadow.

That’s a few tips and tricks around lighting. Next week, I’ll do up a post about sound, interview tips and a couple of my bug bears. Want to know more about anything else, let me know and I’ll write it up!