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As part of The Story Project
White Bear Theatre, Kennington

A verbatim play based on the thoughts of people from around the world on the definitions of story.

Into the Sea
As part of World at One
King’s Head Theatre

A take on the future of a flooded London and who will be right when it comes to the end.

Throwing Overboard the Dead & the Dying
As part of The Turner Plays
Camden Fringe, Etcetera Theatre

Influenced by the paintings of Turner, 5 writers, including recent graduates of the MA program at City University, will be creating new 10 minute plays with the same titles as the paintings that inspired the plays.

(Work in Progress)
King & Queen Productions, Etcetera Theatre

Asking the question ‘who saves you?,’ Tatters weaves tales of modern slavery set in the UK with Cinderella stories from around the world. From stories of forced prostitution to ones of endless poverty, we follow the lives of three women and their struggle to free themselves from their oppressors.

Hostage/ Bleach/ Burn
Camden Fringe, Etcetera Theatre

In a dark room in a distant, undisclosed country, a man held hostage by militants searches for absolution in each link in the chain of events that lead to his captivity. In another room, in a comfortable, westernised country, a young woman who fancies herself a free spirit discovers the real nature of the walls that surround her. Deep in the heart of Montreal, a man weighs the weight of his existence after learning his whole life was based on a lie.

These 3 one person shows spin tales of three people in different times and places trapped in their lives, trying to find out how they got there and where they can go.

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As part of NewWriting NewWorlds

NewWriting NewWorlds is a festival dedicated to new playwriting and literary development. It provides an opportunity for talented, emerging playwrights and theatre artists to develop their skills and see their work realised on the stage.

Now & Fornever
8-0-8 Productions

8-0-8 Productions asked playwrights spanning Canada and beyond to write scenes about irrevocable human loss. Now & Fornever is a true mixture of life and loss, expressed and felt by anyone and everyone. And in these moments, captured so elegantly by the playwrights and expressed so vividly by the performers, we see the truly optimistic and hopeful nature of humanity, gently looking skyward just past the black horizon.

Reel to Real
Theatre 503 (Writer of Pop-Dance-Tastic)

Helmed by 8 dynamic directors, Reel to Real is part pop culture deconstruction, part relay race through cinematic history and genre. From the challenges of staging a ten minute Rom-Com, to what might have happened if Fred and Ginger had never made it to Hollywood, to the seedy world of low-budget Nunsploitation films – We guarantee this is cine-theatre as you’ve never seen it.

Hostage/ Bleach
Theatre 503
New Place – St. Albans

‘I’m not political- I’ve never voted. Not once. 45 years old and I never cared who ran things. It didn’t matter.’ – HOSTAGE

‘My dad said burn it. Burn it all. ‘I wouldn’t step in that house even if it was disinfected with beach. So much bleach it turned white.’’ – BLEACH

Greenwich Theatre: 10-minute musical Challenge
Gala Evening (Bookwriter for Drifting)

Out of 480 applicants, 6 teams of 3 (bookwriter, composer and lyricist) were chosen for this 2nd annual challange. Each team arrives at the theatre at 9 am. They are given a newspaper – any newspaper – published that day to pick a story from. They are given a keyboard, two actors, a kettle, reams of paper and 10 hours. At 7pm, a brand new mini-musical was performed in the theatre cafe previous to the gala evening.

Net Curtains : Tales of the Black Hand
Tricycle Theatre

A commissioned work-in-progress based on the the story of the Black Hand and it’s involvement of the beginning of the great war. Was presented as a on-off performance with the idea to further the pieces into full length plays at a later date.

ForSite Writers : Doing Lines
Pleasance Theatre

A week of 11 10-minute plays written in a cyclical fashion by the ForeSite Writers. This group is made up of an amalgamation of 12 Royal Court YWP graduates from various groups aged 18 and upwards. Since its formation in May 2004 the group worked towards Doing Lines, their first festival of new writing which was both innovative and challenging.

Soho Theatre : The Write Moves
Puppetry and the Playwright

A collaboration between Soho Theatre and The Puppet Centre Trust, offering a showcase of new work developed by five teams of playwrights and puppeteers, followed by an open discussion on the practical and theoretical interplay between puppetry and new writing.


Prisms : Forest Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2007
In the Ring – The Musical : BAC Scratch Night, July 2007
Tatters (selection) : Work in Progress, Pleasance Theatre
Burn (selection) : SourFeast Theatre
Last Night (selection) : Stellar Network, The Hospital
In the Ring : Royal Court Theatre
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