Heather Taylor Head shot

Heather Taylor is a writer/ director of shorts, series and features, and co-founder of the creative studio Cereal Made. She is an alum of the 2018/19 Bell Media Prime Time TV program (in association with ABC Signature Studios) and 2019 Corus Writer’s Apprentice Program, where she interned on The Hardy Boys.

Heather graduated with a Masters in Screenwriting from City University, London. She’s an idea machine, the Indiana Jones of research, and builds supernatural worlds with real world consequences. Tech/advertising/ procedural/ sci-fi savvy. Former employee of The Economist, BBC, and Ogilvy, and developer of content for brands such as IKEA, PayPal, Microsoft, IBM, Nespresso, RBC, Samsung, Cisco, and UN Women.

While living in London, Heather attended the advanced playwriting program at the Royal Court Theatre and authored 3 poetry collections. She was also a host on Resonance FM with guest slots on CKUA, CKUF, BBC London Radio and Radio Canada International. Her audio mini-series “How I ended up on a Small Island” reached all corners of the globe with listeners from West Bengal to “somewhere in the Pacific” on board a ship.

Her career highlights include: her first feature film script, ‘The Last Thakur’, which premiered at the London International Film Festival & had a cinematic, television and DVD release in the UK; her sci-fi web series Raptured which had over a million views; and Stitched, her award-winning horror short, which played at festivals around the world.

Her proudest moment came after the London riots, when she amassed over 500 people in South London to clean their streets. This group, branded the Broom Army, hit front papers around the world and Heather was awarded a Local Heroes award for her efforts.

Heather is currently working on her next feature film, ROT, with New York-based BullMoose Pictures. Her latest horror short, Pay To Stay, will play festivals in 2019/20.