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Going Down Swinging #25
Going Down Swinging
Innovative literary journal

Going Down Swinging is marking its venerable 25th issue by releasing Australia’s first solely audio literary magazine on September 25th, as a double CD. This unique CD format journal is music to the ears of lyric lovers across the country; and a timely celebration of a literary icon. Click here to buy.

A Storm Between Fingers
Flipped Eye Publishing

A collection from the renowned international writing group, Malika’s Poetry Kitchen.

-“Malika’s Kitchen is a literary movement whose impact on British poetry will be felt for a long time to come. These are writers committed to their craft, committed to expanding notions of Britishness through an engagement with the realities of British society and with the many strands that have come to shape it.” Click here to buy.

His Rib: Stories, Poems and Essays by Her
Penmanship Books

A collection of poems, stories and essays about the fallible woman, the sensitive girl-child and the fearless warrior, His Rib, offers an inside look at her story. The written works featured in this project includes women from both the literary field and the performance poetry circuit, creating a symbiotic kinship between the two art forms.

After combing several continents, the women within these pages were found scribing folk tales in California, sonnets in New York, producing prose in London and breaking stereotypes with each stanza in Colorado, Texas and Canada. The result, a quilt weaved perfectly of compassion, self-respect, discipline, lust and hunger. Enjoy the crack and thunder of His Rib. Click here to buy.

This Poem Is Sponsored By…
Corporate Watch

An anthology of radical anti-corporate poetry including a cd featuring performances of 19 poems ‘never before seen or heard on TV’.

–“I love these dark, subversive, thrilling, transgressional poems. Sometimes you need a poem to show you what you were seeing but not noticing. It’s a brilliant collection.” – George Monbiot. Click here to buy.

Malika’s Poetry Kitchen’s Handmade Fire
Flipped Eye Publishing

A collection from the renowned international writing group, Malika’s Poetry Kitchen. Click here to buy.

Future Welcome: The Moosehead Anthology X
Edited by Todd Swift
DC Books

An anthology of prose and fiction from Canadian and international writers. Click here to buy.

Dance the Guns to Silence : 100 poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa
Edited by Nii Parkes and Kadija Sesay
Flipped Eye Publishing

As part of the Remember Saro-Wiwa campaign, this anthology marks the 10th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwas killing on 10 November 1995 with 100 poems from around the world. The poems, contributed by new as well as celebrated writers, fall under general themes which include freedom of expression; resistance (literary and otherwise); and more. Click here to buy.

Audition Arsenal for Women in Their 20s: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes and Under
Edited by Janet B Milstein, Smith & Kraus Pub Inc. Click here to buy.

Teen Angst: A Celebration of Really Bad Poetry
Edited by Sarah Bynoe; St Martin Press. Click here to buy.

In the Criminal’s Cabinet: An Anthology of Poetry and Fiction
Edited by Val Stevenson and Todd Swift; nthposition.

An international collection of fiction and prose produced by nthposition. Click here to buy.

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