Music Video | Director | 4:51 | New York, NY | 2014

"In The Shade" from Marco With Love's LP "LOVE"
Available worldwide on iTunes via Outright Rock Records / The Orchard

Directed by Heather Taylor
Cinematographer Don Downie
Producer Stacie Capone
Gaffer Jennifer Hubbard

Simon Wheeldon
Mathew Slonim

Karin de la Penha - the wife
Jim McKnickle - the husband
Stacie Capone - girl #1
Katrina Cunningham - girl #2
Marco Argiro - the angel

Outright Rock Productions in association with
Red on Black Productions
& Small Media Extra Large

Music and lyrics by Marco Argiro
Copyright 2013 Outright Rock Music BMI
2014 Outright Rock Productions

Thank you to the City of New York, Red On Black Productions, Small Media Extra Large, Subodh Samudre, Anelka Argiro, Sarah Taylor