Narrative | Writer, Director & Producer | 3:35 min | New York, NY | 2016

Stitched Poster

In this award-winning short film from writer/director Heather Taylor, a sheltered woman, reeling from the death of her mother, shows her sister how far she will go to be heard.

One of 20 cool things that were seen at 2016’s Brooklyn Horror Film Festival: "The final, perfect beat of Heather Taylor’s short, Stitched, and Deborah Green’s glowing performance that sells the whole thing." -Daniel Kurland, Bloody Disgusting

Starring Deborah Green and Jen L Burry

Crew includes: Kyle I. Kelley (DoP), John C. Young (Producer), Jaclyn Gramigna (1st AD), Mirella Cardoso (AC), Nikolai Basarich (Gaffer), Elizabeth Chantelain (Key Grip), Alexandra Rivera (Production Co-ordinator), Jason Hood (PA), Sarah Cogan (Designer), Marissa Masella (Makeup & hair), Robbie Kush (Sound recordist), Marcelo Anez (Sound design & mixing), Marjie Hochberger (Casting assistant).


  • Award: Best Director & Best Cinematographer, MAC Underground Festival
  • Award: Award of Excellence, Canada Shorts Festival
  • Award: Best Dramatic Writing, Blackbird Film Festival
  • Screening: Alameda International Film Festival | Alameda, California, USA
  • Screening: MAC Underground Festival | Manaus, Brazil
  • Screening: HorrorQuest | Georgia, USA
  • Screening: Brooklyn Horror Film Festival | Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Screening: Upstate New York Horror Festival | Rochester, NY, USA
  • Screening: Florida Horror Film Festival | Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Screening: VideoDrunk | Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Screening: Indieworks | Queens, NY, USA
  • Screening: Shorts on Tap | London, England, UK
  • Screening: New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival | Woodbridge Township, NJ, USA
  • Screening: Calgary Horror Con | Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Screening: Exit 6 Film Festival | Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
  • Screening: Lighthouse International Film Festival | Beach Haven, NJ, USA
  • Screening: Horrible Imaginings Film Festival | San Diego, CA, USA
  • Screening: Katra Film Series | Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Screening: Trenton Film Festival | Trenton, NY, USA
  • Screening: Blackbird Film Festival | Cortland, NY, USA
  • Screening: Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival | New York, NY, USA
  • Screening: 8th Annual Queens World Film Festival | Queens, NY, USA
  • Screening: Tally Shorts Film Festival | Tallahassee, FL, USA
  • Screening: Etheria Film Night - Short Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, and Thrillers directed by women | Various, USA
  • Screening: The Northwest Horrorshow | Vancouver, BC, USA
  • Screening: Post Mortem | Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
  • Screening: Fantasturka Turkish Fantastic and Horror Film Festival | Ankara, Turkey