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The BLDG main image

The BLDG: Five Stories of Horror is an anthology film presenting five tales of madness, mayhem and the supernatural. The stories are stand-alone pieces all set in the same location and loosely connected by a handful of recurring characters. They include:

  • I’m Not Myself Today by Nina Gielen

  • The Collector by Heather Taylor

  • My Angel of Death by Danny Kim

  • In the Bowels of the Building by Dane Benko

  • Sushi Belly Tower by T. Shay & Nick Heet

Conceived, written and directed by members of the Filmshop collective, this project takes its inspiration from classic supernatural anthology films like Trilogy of Terror and Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath, as well as contemporary horror like the V/H/S series.

Featuring a diverse set of voices unified by a creative vision of life in New York City, The BLDG transforms the turmoil and anxiety dominating the news cycle and the everyday urban grind into a shared cinematic experience.