Submissions for Hurricane Sandy Transmedia Project: Stories, images and video wanted / by Heather Taylor

Image by David Shankbone via Flickr

Image by David Shankbone via Flickr

During Social Media Week in New York in February, Red on Black Productions will showcase the stories of New Yorkers’ experiences during Hurricane Sandy through the mobile storytelling platform, Moveable Feast.

We are looking for the stories of those who experienced the storm first hand as well as the hundreds of volunteers who came to help from all over the country. Though we’ve heard stories told by the news, we want to capture these stories first hand through video and audio recordings to share with those in New York and around the world.

Though this is a free experience, we’re using these first hand stories to encourage donations to Sandy Relief and the Red Cross.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please send an email on If you would like to send in your own recording of your story, that would be fantastic but we would be happy to record it ourselves. We’re also looking for images and video capturing Hurricane Sandy and aftermath to accompany the stories.

Deadline: February 1, 2013