I couldn’t let the day go by without saying something about the bombings last year. I can’t believe they happened in the first place let alone that a year went by when 52 people were killed by bombs on buses and in the tubes. At 10 to 9 this morning, wreaths were layed at Kings Cross, Edgware Road, Russell Square and Liverpool Street. And a memorial will be tonight. It’s a sad day in London and across the UK.

(Published in X-Magazine, 2006)

More grainy faces buried in newspapers
by a war brought in backpacks
Kamikazee pilots on buses
Samari warriors in underground passages.

The numbers on foreign newsreels,
and news stories no one noticed,
became quickened breath, blood and twisted metal
Guns in carriages and civilian casualties
the day they brought terror home.

Jamming phone lines with frantic redials
Echoes of ringtones in police cordoned streets,
E-mails overflowing inboxes
And far away faces aging a year each minute
They wait for replies: some came.
Too many didn’t.