Top Video Tips / by Heather Taylor

I wasn’t going to lead a session at DellB2B but I decided that it would be good to talk about video. In the B2B space and even in the B2C space, it feels like there is a lot of content but is it any good? I was asked to give a few tips after my experience with Raptured (you can watch it on

1) Know your audience: Is this for your current fans or to make new fans. Make sure the content is in the right tone for them and in the right places for them to find it. If you have a serious brand, a fast paced MTV style video with bikini clad “babes” may not really work for you. You may get the views but they properly won’t stick around and you may lose your current customer base.

2) Know the purpose of the video: What do you want your video to achieve? Is it to create brand awareness? Is it to help your customers with customer service or technical issues? Or do you just want to look cool? It’s better to know that before you start than think about it afterwards. You may have a very expensive video that only 5 people and your mum watches.

3) Market it really hard: Unfortunately the adage “if you build it they will come” doesn’t work anymore (did it ever work?) so you have to TELL people about your video. Let’s say you interviewed Brian Solis. When is he speaking next? Tell people going to the conference about it. Tell him about it. Find the forums that talk about it. Get on all the video platforms you can (they are search engines too)

4) YouTube’s optimum upload time – 5pm: So think 5 pm in London, 5pm in New York, 5 pm in LA – wherever you have people you want to target. Make it available for the right time for them.

5) Make it short, sharp and professional: Yes, we all have the tools now. Grab your nearest smart phone and you have a whole video kit. But do you know how to use it? Two things that give away bad video is a) bad sound and b) a shaky camera that cuts off people’s heads and moves all over the place. Do you really want your company to be compared to the Blair Witch Project. I didn’t think so…

Have your own tips? Have some questions? Let me know!