Be an extra in my web series!! (please and thank you)

I’m excited to say I’m filming a 6 part web series over the next three weekends. A series that will hit the net on 21 October. It’s all a bit hush hush at the moment but I thought it would be awesome if YOU could be part of the whole experience.

So here is an official call out to budding actors, people who want to see how it all works, or those of you who want a bit of screen time to mark it off your bucket list. You can take pictures AND tweet. Have fun. Eat cake. Dance. Dress up in funny costumes.

Basically there are two dates I’m looking for people. And if people want, they can do both days. BOTH days!

1) 24th September (North London): We need people to come as what they imagine would be the worst date. Yep you get to play the person you wouldn’t inflict on your worst enemy (OR maybe you would if that’s how you roll) You could say a line, or give a look, right to camera. Whatever “character” you want. Ideally it’ll be one that references something obscure or geeky cause I think that’s funny and the more varied the better.

2) 9th October (SOHO) from 2pm-4pm: We need people to be a crowd at a party. Ideally one dressed in fancy dress for an “End of the World Party” – come as something wild or come as you. All you need to do is dance around to some music, mingle and you’re in a film!

Please do spread the word. It’ll be fun!

If you want to be a part of this online extravaganza, email me at heather AT heathertaylor DOT co DOT uk. Come on. You want to. DO IT! (please…)