Your help needed: What represents a relationship to you?

Excitingly, Michelle Tsen and I have been commissioned to make a short film for the Museum of Broken Relationships which is on from 16th August – 4th September, 2011. The film will be screened outdoors on 27th of August (and you can book tickets here).

But as I love working socially, I wanted your input into the final product. I don’t want to give it all away, but we are looking for an answer to this question: “What represents a relationship to you?”

We need things from the beginning of a relationship, the middle parts and most importantly, the end of a relationship. For us, the more your answer is based on sound (and action), the easier it is for us to use. I.e. A drink together (a clink of glasses), the first cup of tea in a new flat (a kettle boiling), stomping and slamming, the last kiss.

And what will you get if we use your suggestion? A special contribution credit will appear on the film and we’ll send you a copy of it.

So let the fun begin and drop us your suggestions here!