The countdown has truely begun

Today my flights were finally booked and it sunk in that we are leaving 3 weeks from tomorrow to Boston. And there’s so much to do.  We still don’t have funding in place but with tickets booked, I’m going on a wing and a prayer as is the rest of us.  I trust that we can make this work and regardless of what is or isn’t in place, I know that we will discuss culture across borders and countries unlike any I’ve had before.  I also finally get to go to many of the cities that I’ve always wanted to see but never have had the chance to.  For Michelle, who’s coming along to film and take part, she’s never been to the states other than a quick trip across the border into Idaho from Canada. It will be fascinating to see these new places through her eyes.

I’ve also come to the realization that we will be traveling in March and though there is (usually) no snow in England at this time, there will probably be plenty along the East Coast.  I so hope it isn’t too cold.  Today the weather is as follows:

Boston 1 C | -7 C
Washington 1 C | -7 C
New York 3°C | -7°C
Atlanta 11°C | 3°C
New Orleans 13°C | 1°C
Austin 8°C | 0°C

I know I know.  I’m Canadian.  This snow should be nothing to me. And some of those temperatures snow can’t touch.  But as I’ve acclimatized to British language, culture and customs, so have I acclimatized to the weather. So I must remember to pack extra socks amongst the camera equipment and hope to stay in places with good heating.