Airport bound: #tuttle2texas

So it's beginning today. In some ways it's already began, but now the bags are (over) packed and I”m on a very slow 137 on the way to the Piccadilly line.

People have asked me if I am excited. I”m not sure yet. It seems all surreal. And though I do have a calm veneer about our travels I am worried as well. I think if I was just doing the journey, and leading discussions and taking too long train journeys, that wouldn't worry me as much. But shooting a documentary in 6 cities in 10 days and socially documenting it is making me more naseous than excited I think.

Am I ready? No. As usual, the night before travel all technical things that could go wrong did. But it”s all par for the course, so I shrug and get on with it.

It”s a bit strange – for this journey Im using the backpack that I used on my way to England, my first great adventure. I packed all of my belongings in this bag on 31 December, 2001 & started a new life on New Years Day. Now I feel the same – all my favourite clothes & electronics are packed (except my Zi8 which maddeningly has decide to play hide & seek with me, and still hasn't been found.) And I”m off on one of the greatest adventures & challenges I've ever been on. There”s even a maple leaf on my bag – but that's more because I couldn't get it off. Though, as this whole trip is about culture, it does become a reminder of where I came from.